Some of the innovative changes that has helped the industry conserve raw material and power.
   Blade Diameter (M)    Thickness (mm)
   2.5    Introduced 8 mm blades in place of the normal 9 mm
   2.2    Introduced 7 mm blades in place of 8 mm
   2.0    Introduced 7 mm and 6.5 mm for certain special
   types of stone in place of 8 mm
   1.6    Introduced three different sizes of 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5 mm
   1.2    Introduced 5.0 & 4.5 mm
The Mini-Multi Concept

Slicing of rock with perfect precision with thin blades of differing diameters having the same thickness (or thinness !!)

The distinction of introducing the mini-multi concept in India rests with Diacore. With the help of Hein, who were the pioneers of this concept in China, Diacore brought in a SPECIALLY DESIGNED CUTTING MACHINE from China and installed it in a customer’s factory in South India. Subsequent relentless efforts on the system spanning over 18 months effectively proved the concept of Mini–Multi

Some actual results can be had from the “Technical Specifications”.
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