About us

Diacore is promoted and managed by technically qualified professionals with years of experience in marketing, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

The management is gifted with vision and vitality. It is their constant endeavour to forge new bonds with companies from around the globe bringing in the latest and most contemporary technology.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Diacore has offices at various strategic locations in India. Professional and trained Application Engineers and Field Sales Managers man the offices across the country providing valuable assistance and advice to customers on selection and adaptation of processing technologies as well as selection and optimal use of the right equipment for the intended purpose.

Service centres coupled with Stockyards are strategically located in various parts of the market. Trained Service Technicians from these stations cover the geographically large areas of the markets with instant professional help.

It is the mission of Diacore to be in a position to provide end-to-end solutions to customers starting from quarry cutting to final slab and tile processing.

Along the Rock Processing Route, Diacore offers a variety of machines and tools

• Utilise raw materials to the maximum extent possible
• Encourage customers to export stone products with the highest value addition.
• Improve cutting and processing technology to save power, water and abrasives.
• Adapt world’s contemporary processing techniques and equipment to Indian working conditions.

To be a respected company identified with “quality products” and
“reliability in operations” providing best-bred solutions to customers and a rewarding experience to all interacting with Diacore, through an elite team of people, sharing
a common mission to deliver the best.
• To provide end-to-end solutions in rock processing
• To provide “Total Solutions at the Lowest Total Cost”
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